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I have been working in the performing arts since I was a kid. Despite a heavily theatrical background, I took my focus off of performing, went to the "other side of the table" and began working in unscripted television in 2004. While working to produce unscripted television, I use my free time to write, produce and direct narrative projects. I learn something new with every film I've directed. I really see the process as an ever-changing animal that can purr when you pet it the right way, and bite when you pet it the wrong way.


The first of these projects is "Ambrose," a short film that was an official selection of the 2007 Art For Progress Shorts and Beats Festival. It's a funny little story about a lovable loser who can't seem to get over his obsessive hatred for his arrogant co-worker.

THE (718)

Then came "The (718)," a television pilot based on the stand-up comedy of Parrish Hurley. It's a funny, episodic diary of a single, gay man's life in New York and his misadventures along the way. This project was well received on the festival circuit. Amongst other accolades, it was an official selection at the Los Angeles Comedy Festival and the Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival, and it also won the International Film Festival of Ireland, the Great Lakes Film Fest and the Indie Gathering Film Fest. Independently financed, it is still available for development. Please follow this link:

Watch The 718

the password is "brooklyn"


After a couple of comedies, I took a more dramatic route with "Brothers." "Brothers" is a theatrical story of alliances and betrayals unraveling in real time. Three men try to piece their stories together after they assault a drug dealer and, though make it back to the meeting place, are missing some of their crew. I shot this much in the way one would produce a stage play. I was really happy with the way it came out and so were the people at the Action/Cut Film Competition of 2009 who gave it a Special Jury Award.


In 2010, my brother, Patrick, and I teamed up to make the animated comedy pilot "Power Lunch." Picture the super heroes of the world fighting crime, but also endorsing products and making television appearances; this show is about their agents. Super heroes can be a super pain in the ass, and agent Alex Young has to juggle all their neuroses, personal problems and endorsement contracts. "Power Lunch" was a lot of fun to make and I am continuing to put it out there in the festival world.