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Writing is how I got into my current career.  As I pursued a career as an actor in New York, I felt like I was spinning my wheels.  I began writing stage plays, which turned into screen plays.  Then I thought I should have a "day job" that might help me further my writing.  So I quit bartending and got a job in television.  I have been writing and directing my own projects since then.

My main objective as a writer is to tell a good story.  Period.  I could try to dazzle you with lots of philosophies about writing and characterization, etc., but when it comes down to it, you need to be a good storyteller.

I encourage you to give any and all of my stuff a read, and let me know what you think.

Bulwark (feature)
Bulwark is Good Will Hunting (1997) meets L.I.E. (2001). Bulwark is the story of two teen-agers in a bad part of New Haven, CT. Vaughn and Jack have been friends since they were kids, but things get complicated after Vaughn's dad dies and the two friends are looking at high school graduation.

Vaughn is a gifted student who could get a scholarship to Yale University, but be doesn’t want to leave Jack in a go-nowhere neighborhood with an abusive, alcoholic father. Vaughn tries to hold on to the friendship the two have had since they were little, but Jack realizes he’s poison for Vaughn and he tries to push Vaughn out of the nest and break off ties.

In a last-ditch effort to save Jack and the friendship they once had, Vaughn decides he’s going to kill Jack’s abusive, alcoholic father. The story ends in an explosive showdown. These two confused friends cross lines they cannot uncross in a story of angst, love and violence.
Bulwark (.pdf)


Cold Water (feature)

Cold Water is a realistic love story told in the awkward reality of a doctor's office. Simon and Mary grow up together as inseparable best friends. After time and puberty drive them apart, they are reunited during college through a tragic accident. Feelings from their childhood re-emerge and the two find the love they had been lost to for years, but there are caverns dug too deep by time lost. Trouble with communication on many different levels make their new-found relationship too hard to bare. Simon and Mary cannot find what they had when they were kids and end up parting ways, only to tell each other's story to the same psychiatrist they unknowingly have in common.

ColdWater (.pdf)

The Exceptions (series)

From the moment a human is born they begin to decay.  Skin cells shed, teeth fall out, brain cells die.  One’s entire life is spent getting closer to death.  Without death there is no life – the natural cycle.  We are not natural.  We wander the earth, unable to shed, to decay, to die.  Call us angels, call us devils.  But we are not human – we are the exception.  And our search for why continues…

Immortal twin brothers, Gabe and Jude, traverse the globe looking for their long-lost mother and the answer to who they are and why they are here.  In this live-action adventure series, we catch up to the duo in the present, 300 plus years into their search.

The Exceptions (.pdf)

Brothers (short film)

After assaulting a local drug dealer, three white supremacists convene at their meeting place to find their other three partners are absent. Arguing and finger-pointing prove futile as these hoodlums soon realize the real enemy is already in the room. The truth finally comes out when lines are drawn and brotherhood is questioned.

Brothers (.pdf)

Power Lunch  (pilot)

Power Lunch is about a talent agency that handles super-heroes.  Super-hero representation is a billion-dollar industry, more covert and profitable than Hollywood or professional sports.  “Power Lunch,” however, follows Alex Young, a hard-nosed talent agent, on his first year working for Wickersham, Wickersham & Hunt, an agency that handles the b-list heroes and villains.  It’s “Jerry Maguire” meets “30 Rock.”  Handling super heroes and their super problems can be a super pain in the ass. 

Power Lunch pilot (.pdf)